The Models 8 and 9


1904 to 1913

The New Eagle Series was yet another 3/4-plate design, starting where the Old line left off, and again the two models were mirror images for hunter and open-face. The reasons for the change are unclear, but these newer versions were more accurate watches. The Model 8 and Model 9 were nearly identical to their respective forebears, but with two differences - the balance bridge alignment pins were inverted, and they were thinner, allowing them to fit into the factory cases. Jewel choices were still 7 up to 17 and the plate finishes remained the same.

Jewel Count and Grade

The Serial Number Blocks

240,000 Total

Production totals for the New Eagle Series are a little under a quarter-million, blocked from SN 700,001 to 900,000, with none reported above SN 853,000, and the open-face Model 8 continuing on from SN 2,500,001 up to 2,593,000. The New Eagle watches were better timepieces than the Old Eagle line, since they had micro-regulators and Breguet (overcoil) hairsprings. Some of the earlier runs of the 17-jewel variants were marked Adjusted, and PLs have been reported.   


The Production Dates

1904 to 1913

The first known appearance of the New Eagle Series is in the 1904 catalog, overlapping with the exit of the Old Eagle Series. The nickel variants of the Model 8 continued to the end, appearing in the 1913 catalog. 

The Models 8 & 9 Chart

The watches logged in the M8 & 9 chart are all reported examples or verified from photos. 

If your watch isn't on this SN chart please send us a picture.

Seth Thomas M8&9 Database (pdf)


The 1904 Parts Catalog


The Grade Chart

Grade assignments apparently applied to both the Old and New Eagle models. Patterns were nickel and two-tone, and the runs were lever-set early on and entirely pendant-set by the end. No gilt examples or private labels have been reported. Grades 216 and 217 are assigned and apply to the Adjusted variants of the 17-jewel Grades 210 and 211. The 12-jewel Grades 110 and 111 are assigned and so far have been found exclusively on the Edgemere line.

Seth Thomas M8&9 Grade Chart (pdf)


The Edgemere Grade

The Edgemere was a named grade, made by ​Seth Thomas for Sears & Roebuck in 6 and 18-size, with both models being offered in an unusual 12-jewel count - the upper plate was fully jeweled, while the pillar plate was bushed.

The 1908 Trade Price List


The Companion


Travel Clock

Seth Thomas offered a simple 7-jewel travel clock containing either a Model 6 with a flat hairspring or a Model 8 with a Breguet hairspring in a leather-wrapped metal case that was available in several color choices. The factory listed its top-grain leathers as lizard, alligator and seal with second-quality hides of  pig and morocco in half a dozen colors.

It's assumed that the button on the upper left side of the case is to set the hands, but no pin-set Seth Thomas models are known to exist. Lever-set variants placed the lever in the standard 12-minute location and pendant-set mechanisms occupy the same position under the dial, so it's a mystery why the setting button is on the left. The company could've used a standard pendant-set movement, since the crown is visible in the ad cut and easily accessible.


The Named Grades

There were plenty of named grades to accompany the factory-numbered ones.

 Click here for the entire alphabetical list, along with models and jewel counts. 

Seth Thomas Named Grade Chart (pdf)