The Model 14


1890 to 1910

The Model 14 was Seth Thomas's first 6-size ladies watch, introduced to the public around 1890, just five years after pocket watch production began. It was the firm's only known design with a male winding stem, which was dropped halfway through the first production run. The M14 was made with a choice of four jewel counts on plate finishes of either gilt or nickel in a lever-set-only hunter configuration, so open-face dials had no seconds bit.

Jewel Count and Grade

The Serial Number Blocks

34,000 Total

The total production of the Model 14 was around 34,000 in five separate serial number blocks starting at SN 100,001 up to 166,000. The male stem was discontinued in favor of the far more common female square arbor somewhere around SN 116,401. Several private labels have been logged, but no named grades are known and no two-tone variants have been reported.    


The Production Dates

1890 to 1910

The 1890 catalog was the first known publication to list the Model 14, advertising the 7-jewel Grade 46 and the 15-jewel Grade 119. Although the M14 appeared in every catalog through 1910 it's doubtful that it was in production the entire time given the low numbers, and more likely that all old stock hadn't been sold off.

The Model 14 Chart

The watches logged in the M14 chart are all reported examples or verified from photos.

If your watch isn't on this SN chart please send us a picture. 

Seth Thomas M14 Database (pdf)


The 1909 Catalog


The Grade Chart


There were three lever-set hunter grades. Sometime around 1900 the jewel count of the Grade 119 was raised from 15 to 16.    

* The 7-jewel nickel Grade 146 has been assigned.

The Models 14 to 19 Run Chart


The serial number runs for the various models alternated with each other up to SN 1,000,000. Factory records past this point have not been found, so it's not clear which model was being used or if it was more than one. For ease of research the Model 18 is listed on the chart for these runs, since it was the latest of the models.